Sydnee! In August, 2016, winning her first three point major! Go Sydnee!! Sydnee just won another two shows over the weekend of November 19 and November 20, 2016. She picked up another three points!! Way to go Sydnee!!

Some dogs have the structure, but not the temperament to be champions.  Sydnee is too gentle and too nice to be kept out on the show circuit.  She has the structure of a champion, but is content to win or not win.  She is, perhaps, our most loving dog.  We love her to death, but she would rather be with her family than in the show ring.  This was a tough lesson for us, but a valuable one.  We will never force a dog to be uncomfortable with anything for our benefit.  Sydnee has come home as "our champion," but not an AKC champion.  Her parents are both AKC champions and we may breed her in the future since she has such an endearing and loving personality.  We, actually, are looking at potential sires for her.  Although not a champion, she has siblings who are champions.   Her movement is fluid and graceful.  Her structure is lovely and she has become a blue color, which is stunning as a standard poodle.  There are many blacks and many whites.  A blue is a dog that has a silver sheen along with the black coloration.  Simply beautiful.  If the right stud can be found for her we will breed her.