Life is a fragile thing.  As the years go by we see this more and more.

This is our newly constructed Hall of Fame page.  

We started with poodles some thirty plus years ago.  We had a beautiful black female, Hale (pronounced Holly), who was the constant guardian and friend to us all.  Our children adored her.  We adored her.  She was a pet quality dog without AKA or OFA testing.  She struggled with health challenges and we spent monumental monies to keep her alive.  She was wonderful and the cost of her care did not matter to us.  However, when my wife, Chris and I decided to become breeders we decided to spend whatever it took to make sure that a future family would not have our issues with health concerns.  We bought Kai, a white male, from the oldest and most established breeder in the United States, Pinafore Standard Poodles.  Then we bought Lani, also from Pinafore.

We finished both Kai and Lani as AKC conformation Champions and they were our dearest of companions and friends for nearly 14 years.  They are both now deceased.  They are the foundation of our Hall of Fame Page.