Ch. Litilann's Skybreeze Tidal Wave "Maggie"

Best of Breed!!! She beat the other Champions for this win! She won a five point major here under Judge Dennis McCoy!

New Champion picture! Many thanks to our wonderful handler Ann Rairigh!

Maggie is a Magnificent Champion and the mother of  Charlee, Champion Skybreeze Spirit of Adventure and Grand Champion, Skybreeze Somebody to Love,  Maggie finished as a Champion years ago as a puppy and went to Nationals.. Here are the pictures from her championship run!

Maggie is the sweetest of girls.  She loves to cuddle.  And when she goes into the show ring, she is all business!
She is also nearly perfect from a conformation standpoint.  There is no perfect show dog.  Never has been, nor will there ever be.  Maggie is pretty darn close. .  

As a puppy she won a five point Major, the most difficult thing for a non champion to do.  Then she beat all the other champions and as a puppy went into Group competition.  Amazing....Except her daughter, in another show did the same thing!!  Charlee, Ch. Skybreeze Spirit of Adventure, won a Major and then took on the other Non sporting Champions where she finished third in the Group.  She beat scores of champions that day as a non champion.  {Of course, Charlee is now also a Champion).  

Our Grand Champion, Gracie, is also a daughter of Maggie!

As they say, the apples do not fall far from the tree.

As an aside, Maggie and Charlee and Gracie are not only mother and daughters.  They are all fast friends.  They play with each other and snuggle with each other.  They absolutely know that they are mother and daughters.  It is heartwarming to see how they love each other!