A gorgeous white puppy was adopted by the Occupaws Guide Dog Association This is a wonderful organization that adopts and trains dogs to become guide dogs for the visually impaired.  Most dogs "wash out' of their program and become pet dogs.  Not our guy!  Echo is known as Skybreeze Reflective Echo and can be seen on their website.  He is listed as a guide dog in training.

He is more than a year into his two year training and we are advised that he is a star.

Having dogs with temperaments that can help people gives my wife, Chris, and me such joy.  We also have two other "kids" that are also more than a year old that are being trained to help people with epileptic seizures.  What a blessing.

One puppy lives in florida and another puppy lives in California.  We are advised that these babies are also stars.

We want to thank the folks at Occupaws for the trust and faith that they have placed in us and our kids.  If in some small measure our kids can help the world it brings us immeasurable joy.